Frothiest Mylks (plant based lattes)


scroll down for the rankings! stay put for my random rambling : )

If I had my choice I would get a Starbucks coconut milk latte every day. Maybe even multiple times a day. Some people hate on Starbucks and maybe their complaints hold some merit but when it comes to this particular drink you could probably put a gun to my head and I would still drink it (plz do not hold me to this). I am not usually one for sweet or sugary coffees but there is something about this particular drink that I just cannot get over. Plus, even if you like adding sugar to your lattes you can order this and feel #healthy because you’re not adding anything in! Right? Right. (Yes I have read that Starbucks coconut milk is not indeed healthy at all and is essentially like dumping a bunch of sugar in your coffee anyway and also yes, I am actively ignoring this fact and still pretending it’s healthy. Moving on.)

But as mentioned in my previous posts I do not have the funds nor the energy to go get a Starbucks latte every day.


like every other plant based human on earth I settle for my homemade lattes

and also like ever other plant based human on earth I use one of these babies ↓↓↓to make my latte taste maybe half as good as a barista made version. (Actually, in this case I ended up using both in order to achieve maximum froth) (check out that effort, you should probably follow me).

IMG-4487 (1).JPG

But even with the heaven sent creation that is the milk frother, I have to say that there are certain types and even certain brands of mylk that provide notably different levels of foaminess and therefore notably different levels of deliciousness. I have ranked them below based on foaming capabilities alone (didn’t account for taste because I’m not gonna drink something gross no matter how foamy it makes my latte (I’m now imagining pouring some dish soap in that bitch and getting a little curious)). So for all intensive purposes we are assuming we have a baseline flavor of delicious, milky, creamy goodness and the factor in question is the beautiful little pillow it forms atop my coffee.

*I did not include any plain almond milks on this list because almond milk, while fine,   just does not produce the level of frothiness that I so require. Deeply sorry plain almond milk fans, maybe try something on this list and you will be converted. Or maybe you’ll keep drinking your bean water topped with limp nut water, honestly nbd.

*I chose to do budget friendly milks- I know oat milk is supposed to be amazingly frothy and I had every intention of trying it but it was $10 so that was an immediate no from me.

Good, lets go.


Ranked in order of frothiness, we have…

1. Almond Breeze Almond Coconut milk

THICC. nice and foamy, stayed foamy and didn’t just dissipate into the coffee. 10/10. wow. mind blown. buy this and nothing else until you die.

Honestly none of the following really even compared. But onward anyway.

2. Ripple Chocolate Pea milk (this is the one I normally use because I like chocolate and also I already had it so just being #practical)

Foamy! Not as thick as #1 (I’d say thic with only one c and no caps). Plus, pea milk is far better for the environment than almond milk, has more protein than most other plant based milk and it’s chocolate flavored.

3. Silk Almond Coconut milk (same almond coconut party vibe, different brand)

Now we enter the bubbly and not foamy territory. Two thumbs down. Weird because this is the same composition as the almond breeze but just kinda bubbled rather than foamed. Plus the bubbles melted right into the coffee. Boo.

4. So Delicious Coconut milk 

Bought this one because I figured fattier milk= more foam, was definitely wrong. Literally did not froth. Formed very sad bubbles. Not even its toasted coconut flavor could redeem it. Definitive nope.

5. Ripple Pea Milk half & half

Like I said, I usually use the ripple chocolate flavor but I saw this one and had never tried it and assumed half and half would be foamy (is that even a fair assumption or am I dumb?). Again with the lame bubbles and no frothing. I know I said I wasn’t going to comment on taste but my non veg sister said this tastes exactly like haf and half and has been religiously using it ever since. So a few points there, but, like I said, no limp nut (pea?) waters allowed.

CONCLUSION- if you’re aiming for a good homemade latte sans dairy, go with the almond breeze. Unless you’re trying to ball out on designer milk from whole foods, in which case I envy you. (@wholefoods sponsor me)

Additional conclusion- I drank a lot of caffeine in conducting this experiment. There is subpar latte porn below if you wanna check it out. I also bought the 4 milks I didn’t have at target and the total was only $12 ?! Lastly, I did not waste all this milk, my dad brought some to his office because he was out, I used another in a recipe and I’m going to drink the rest. k bye.

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