Healthy(ish) Vegan Taco Bell Options


Did I attempt to take an artsy photo of a taco bell bag? Yes. Did I also attempt to take artsy photos of actual taco bell food? Idk, maybe. Stay tuned to find out.


Since I’m so dedicated to the ~blogging~ lyfe I went to taco bell to scour the menu in search of plant based and healthyish options. (jk I just wanted taco bell). And actually, as far as fast food places go, taco bell has a ton of plant based options and some are actually pretty healthy and therefore won’t make you feel like death! *Fresco style* which means pico de gallo instead of sour cream and cheese was the main operator here as well as simply replacing meat with beans. This was actually a term I did not know until I started placing my order and the taco bell man kindly informed me. Honestly v useful / made me feel less annoying. 2 thumbs up.

I ordered…

  • fresco style spicy potato soft taco with no sauce
    • seasoned potatoes, pico de gallo, lettuce
  • fresco style seven layer burrito 
    • pico de gallo, refried beans, rice, lettuce, guac
  • fresco style chalupa with beans instead of meat
    • fried bread shell (ermahgerd), refried beans, lettuce, pico de gallo
  • fresco style crunch wrap supreme with beans instead of meat 
    • you all know what’s in a crunch wrap
  • cinnamon twists 
    • already vegan so I had to purchase 

Honestly, these were all pretty good. They also all kinda tasted the same because they are essentially the same stuff in different packaging…Also, if you are not smothering all of these in an ungodly amount of hot sauce please excuse yourself and probably reevaluate your life. That being said, my definitive ranking is as follows…

1. cinnamon twists

I do not know why but these were amazing. Maybe it’s because I never get to eat desserts but definite number one. Also not healthy or nutritious in any way… … ..

2. fresco seven layer burrito 

Like I said, everything kinda tasted the same but this one was slightly better because it had rice and guac.

3. fresco bean chalupa

Same beans, lettuce and pico but the taco shell is made of bread and bread is delicious.

4. potato taco

Unique taste compared to the others but just wasn’t amazing. It was ok, I would order it again but only in conjunction with one of the above.

5. crunch wrap 

Tasted the same as the other food items but a little more bland because it was a little too much tortilla and the tomato and lettuce were a little overpowering.

Whether you are vegan, sorta vegan, or just trying not to explode while also being able to consume taco bell, I’d say order any of the above and you are in the clear. Just now realizing this post was kinda dumb but I got to go to taco bell in the name of research so here we are.

Bonus content ⇓⇓⇓ check out that beautifully adorned chalupa. 10/10 would eat.


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